Google Firebase and AWS amplify

In this article, we’re going to compare firebase to AWS amplify. both of which are cloud platforms that make it easy for app developers to manage and scale their cloud infrastructure.

Firebase is older than aws amplify. Aws amplify released in 2017. the first major difference to point out is that Amplify will run on Amazon’s cloud infrastructure while firebase will run on Google’s

Let’s take a look at some of the core features offered by both platforms. and this article isn’t a one is better than the other type of comparison article, it’s more about information that you should know.

let’s take a look at the core features of these platforms starting with the things that they share in common. they both provide user authentication, analytics a way to manage real-time data, push notifications, file storage service functions and web hosting

firebase console:

aws amplify console:

in AWS amplify has the ability to set up dedicated environments for development and production.

you can do this in firebase as well, by just setting up multiple projects. but it’s a little more streamlined here. and another more streamlined thing is setting up your continuous deployment amplify takes a very similar approach to netlify.

if you connect to your hosting account to a GitHub repo and then you commit your code, it just automatically deploys that code to the hosting account. just like netlify. now in all fairness, you can do this with google cloud build and firebase as well. there’s just a few more configuration steps to get it set up.

another unique feature of Amplify is its integration with graphQL. and another cool feature that Amplify has is integration with Sumerian which is useful if you’re building an Augmented or virtual reality app.

if You use firebase You have quite a few more features that are built on top of your analytics things like predictions and remote config and you also have ml kit which makes it easy to implement machine learning features both in the cloud and on-device.

let’s talk about pricing,

If you visit here you can see firebase pricing. There are 3 pricing plan

1.spark plan(free)

2.Flame plan($25 per month)

3.Blaze plan(Pay as you go)

In firebase A/B Testing, Analytics, App indexing, cloud Messaging(FCM), crashlytics, Dynamic Links, performance monitoring, predictions those functionalities are free. In this documentation, you can see the blaze plan calculator also.

If you visit here you can see aws amplify charges. They also have a free tier and pay as you go model pricing.


AWS Amplify and Google Firebase both are great tools when developing real-world web apps and mobile apps. both have common cool features and unique features both have pros and cons also. you can select a platform that suitable for your project requirement. When it comes to pricing and speed, Google Cloud Platform is definitely one you want to check out!

AWS of course also has a long-standing history of providing cloud computing services for business and enterprises over the past decade. They really were the first ones to push the cloud industry forward, and are still the one that providers like Google and Azure are copying. Their support, redundancy, and availability per region is superb.

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